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Strange Dog Behaviors

Oh my goodness everyone, I must apologize for not posting in so long. I was at home for winter break, where I didn’t get many chances to blog, and classes just started again. I’m a pretty busy girl lately. But Michga’s been doing good; still enjoying her new toys and her new coat.


So, getting to the subject of the post – there’s something I wanted to share to see if any of you had a similar story.

Michga’s got a weird little behavior. When she gets excited or angry or happy, she kicks her legs back in strange way. I got a short video of it:

Do I find this hilarious? Yes. Do I understand it? Not at all.

My dad’s dog, Sophie, does something like this but not nearly as often or as intensely. Do any of your dogs do this? And do you know why?

She’s not the only dog I know with a bemusing behavior I don’t understand. This is my grandparents dog, Eddie:


Whenever he gets a bone or an especially large treat, he buries it in the yard. But this isn’t the weird part. Before he can bury it, he walks around the edge of the pool several times – three or four or ten times – before going out into the yard to bury it. And if he can’t find a good spot to bury it? He comes back to the pool and walks around it again.

It’s very amusing, but I’m at a loss to understand why. Wouldn’t it make more sense to walk around the yard to look for a spot? Perhaps he’s trying to throw enemies off his trail.




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Michga’s Christmas

Hi everyone! It’s been a hectic holiday week, but it’s the day after Christmas so I can finally stand still for a minute. I just wanted to tell you all that Michga and I had a good Christmas. She didn’t get everything she wanted, but she did get several new toys and an adorable new outfit.


She also got a lot of treats and table scraps, and she got to play with my grandparent’s dog, so she had a pretty happy holiday. I hope you and your dogs had a good one too!


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Wordless Wednesday – Peek-A-Boo



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Michga’s Letter To Santa


Dear Santa,

(Or should I call you Mr. Claus? I’m uncertain what the proper degree of formality is for this.)

My name is Michga, but you probably already know that. My mommy said you will already know who I am. She also said if I write to you and tell you what I want for Christmas, you’ll bring it to me, as long as I’ve been a good girl.

I attempted to point out the fallacy of logic – how could you even determine whether I have been a good girl? Have you been watching me all year? Do you rely on witness testimony?  Is there an exam I have to take? – But my arguments fell on deaf ears. Mommy just told me to please stop barking at nothing, pretending she could not understand me.  I do not know how I put up with her sometimes.

Despite my skepticism, I decided to give this a shot. I haven’t written to you any other year, and maybe this is why I only received two new toys last year.


This is an unacceptable tragedy, the likes of which are unparalleled in canine history. I am a princess; I should be swimming in toys. Perhaps if I write to you, I will not be so egregiously neglected this year. I have been a good girl, I assure you. I only bit a person that one time (he should not have gotten so close to my mommy while she was holding me). Otherwise, I am the best dog in the whole wide world.

According to my mommy, anyway.

you can see my Christmas spirit abounds

you can see my Christmas spirit abounds

Below, please find a list of my desired presents. I have written them in a numerical list, because I am told humans are fond of this kind of organization.

1. A real squirrel. For some reason, all the ones outside do not seem to understand that I can’t climb trees, which makes them very difficult to play with. Kindly bring me one that I can keep inside, or at least one that does not run so fast.

I would accept the ability to climb trees as a substitute.

2. This works too.


3. Ban bath time.

4. Could you get my mommy a smaller trash can? At present I cannot reach it, and it smells so good. It is like a putrid sky scraper, too tall to climb and too heavy to knock over. It taunts me.

5. This.


At present I do not have enough places in which to lounge. An entire human bed is insufficient to capture the pampered aura that this hammock puts off. I hope your elves can make something like this.

6. Ten squeaker toys.

Ten. Not two. Ten. 1-0.

7. This contraption called iCPooch.


It’s a device that allows humans to communicate with their dogs from their phones, and dispense treats. It would help solve the two biggest problems in my life: I do not get enough treats, and I do not get enough attention. Mommy clearly does not love me enough to get me one, but perhaps you do, Santa.

Well, that’s all. Very modest requests, as I told you. You may leave my gifts below the strange object that looks like a tree, and yet cannot be a tree. It smells like plastic and cardboard.

Thank you in advance,



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Wordless Wednesday – Pillow Snuggles


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Wordless Wednesday – I’m All Ears

IMG_1494 IMG_1872 IMG_1968


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Michga’s Blanket Fort

I have nothing of substance to say for this post. I just wanted to show you guys this picture of Michga in her blanket fort. She likes to get as many blankets (or blanket like objects) as she can and roll up in them. This picture is when I pulled the blankets apart to disturb her slumber.


You can only see three blankets in this one, but she’s also on top of one of my jackets. The pink one by her paws is actually my robe.


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Wordless Wednesday – I’m Ready For My Close-Up


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Michga’s Musings – Making the Bed

Hello humans! I am in a great mood. Why? One of my favorite things happened today.

My mommy calls it “making the bed.” This is a strange but wonderful human custom in which she warms the sheets for the bed, then throws them over me so that I can play in them. I like to bunch them up and lay on top of them…


… And rub my face all over them.


Sometimes mommy will try to pull the sheet away so she can stretch it out to the corner of the mattress. I’m not sure why. I think perhaps this is her way of playing with it? It does not look like it’s very fun.

Eventually, she does get the sheet all stretched out despite my efforts to continue my play. But it is not over! The pillow coverings are next. While these are not large or easy to roll in, I do still like to lay on top of them the second mommy puts them down.


Apparently this is “disruptive” to the process, and mommy usually makes me get off. No matter. My favorite part comes next.

The quilt! I dig under it and climb over it and wrap myself up like a warm little blanket burrito.


It’s been a good day, humans.


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Wordless Wednesday – Favorite Toy

IMG_1719IMG_1504 IMG_1846


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