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Watch This: Inside Animal Minds

Do you ever wonder why your dogs do some of the things they do? Why they roll around in the grass or how they can seem to sense when someone is about to come home?

Well, this documentary does not have the answers. But it’s got some interesting theories.

It’s called Inside Animal Minds; Dogs and Super Senses, and the basic premise is that to understand how animals think about and experience the world, we have to examine how they sense it. For instance, it posits the idea that perhaps dog can use their amazing sense of smell as a sort of clock. It’s not a fully formed theory or anything, and they admit that, but it’s a fun idea.

The documentary does not focus solely on dogs; it also talks about dolphins and their echolocation ability, sharks’ magnetic sense, and birds’ sight, all of which I also found pretty cool. And if that kind of stuff sounds interesting to you, I recommend the entire documentary.

But if you are only interested in the dog parts, the sense of smell is explored from the beginning until 12:26. And then it picks back up with talking about wolves, and some similarities and differences between wolves and dogs, at minute 32:52.

It’s really a very compelling and informative video, and if you like learning about dogs – their history, evolution, science, behavior – I highly recommend watching this!

Plus, it’s got some pretty cute footage.




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