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The Alien Kitty

Most of the animals we get at the shelter are pretty normal. We have some that come in that are sick, of course, or maybe with an infection, covered in fleas or ticks, some relatively minor issues. But the majority do not have some obvious feature that makes them so different from other pets.

There are some exceptions, of course.

This is Cosmo.


photo source: GPR

(Don’t tell Michga I’m writing about a cat.)

Cosmo has underdeveloped features that makes his face look pretty funny (alien-like even, hence the name “Cosmo”). His face is smushed, his eyes are big and bulgy but with pretty hefty sockets. His teeth aren’t fully grown in and never will be. Otherwise, though, he’s mostly a normal, friendly and cuddly kitten!

When I first met Cosmo, I figured he would get a home pretty quickly, which I suppose proves I am not very good at predicting these sorts of things. He’s been with the shelter for months, and now he’s almost seven months old.

Maybe other people don’t think like I do, but when I see an animal that’s so different from others, with a birth defect or sick or hurt in some way, my sympathy levels go through the roof and I just want to adopt them all. My mind immediately goes “MUST SAVE THIS ANIMAL!” Do you guys think the same way? I assumed most people would, but since Cosmo still hasn’t been adopted yet maybe I’m wrong.

Cosmo is the most “different-looking” animal with the shelter at the moment, but just yesterday I met this guy:

photo source GPR

photo source GPR

Hamilton has a cleft lip, but is otherwise normal and very affectionate.

And this little guy, Rudolph, has an infection at his surgery site he would not stop licking.

this was, sadly, the best picture I could get

this was, sadly, the best picture I could get

I think (hope) these sweethearts, along with all the others, will get homes soon. But it seems that different-looking animals may take longer to get adopted, especially as they get older, like Cosmo at almost seven months, and Rudolph at a year. Even if it’s not in time for the holidays, though, I’m confident they will find their forever homes someday!

P.S. Michga and I wish you all a Merry Christmas if we don’t post again before the holiday!

michga loves selfies

michga loves selfies, you can tell


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