draw me like one of your French dogs

draw me like one of your French dogs

Hi there! I’m Michga! I’m a six year old Rat Terrier – probably a mix. My favorite things in life are snuggling, getting belly rubs, and chasing lizards. My mom thinks I’m just perfect, and I can always get her to give me an extra treat by using my begging face:


Mom may call me her “little angel”, but I do have a couple of aggression/anxiety issues we’re trying to work out. I am very territorial and protective, and sometimes I won’t let people get near my mom without barking or snapping! I also bark ferociously whenever someone knocks or attempts to enter my – ahem, mommy’s – room, and I growl at her roommate’s dog. Mom says I do this because I’m scared, and I’m really a very sweet girl!

If you want to know more about me, just head onto my category over to the right there! Or if you’re interested in how I became my mom’s little princess, the “our story” tag has that.


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