Strange Dog Behaviors

Oh my goodness everyone, I must apologize for not posting in so long. I was at home for winter break, where I didn’t get many chances to blog, and classes just started again. I’m a pretty busy girl lately. But Michga’s been doing good; still enjoying her new toys and her new coat.


So, getting to the subject of the post – there’s something I wanted to share to see if any of you had a similar story.

Michga’s got a weird little behavior. When she gets excited or angry or happy, she kicks her legs back in strange way. I got a short video of it:

Do I find this hilarious? Yes. Do I understand it? Not at all.

My dad’s dog, Sophie, does something like this but not nearly as often or as intensely. Do any of your dogs do this? And do you know why?

She’s not the only dog I know with a bemusing behavior I don’t understand. This is my grandparents dog, Eddie:


Whenever he gets a bone or an especially large treat, he buries it in the yard. But this isn’t the weird part. Before he can bury it, he walks around the edge of the pool several times – three or four or ten times – before going out into the yard to bury it. And if he can’t find a good spot to bury it? He comes back to the pool and walks around it again.

It’s very amusing, but I’m at a loss to understand why. Wouldn’t it make more sense to walk around the yard to look for a spot? Perhaps he’s trying to throw enemies off his trail.




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2 responses to “Strange Dog Behaviors

  1. Michga’s not alone in her peculiar behaviors. Ellie and Woody will,no perceivable reason, start scratching the carpet in one section like they’re digging for something. I’ve seen Ellie and Mindy kick up like Michga after they’ve done their business. Maybe she’s showing you that she can dance – either way she seems super happy.


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