Home For The Holidays Update

Hey guys! It’s been a few days since I posted, final exams are destroying me. But on a very positive note, my shelter had that Home for the Holidays event I told you about in a previous post! Look how crowded it got:

photo source: GPR

photo source: GPR

And the best news of all? All of the dogs got adopted!! Every. Single. One. Including my favorite little hound dog, Snoopy.


I was so afraid he wouldn’t find his home this weekend, because he was adopted early on in the event and then brought back AGAIN (if you read my post about it, you know he has been adopted and brought back before). But then later in the day, he was adopted again!

I’m so happy he’s found a home. The only sad part, for me, was that I didn’t get to meet his new family. I left before his second adoption.

Something else pretty cool happened at the event too – I learned how to be an adoption counselor! The event was so busy that they needed someone else to help with adoptions, so I got rush training.

I’m so pleased that all of our dogs got adopted, including some that have been with the shelter for over a year!

Look at all these names:

photo source: GPR

photo source: GPR



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7 responses to “Home For The Holidays Update

  1. Excellent news! Congratulations to all the dogs and their new people.

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  2. So relieved to hear about Snoopy and congratulations on becoming an Adoption Counselor. Well done!

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  3. http://thepoodleanddogblog.typepad.com/

    I used to think holiday adoptions were a bad idea, but I’ve changed my mind after working as a shelter volunteer. No home should be without a dog under the tree.


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  5. and other dogs too of course…


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