Three Dogs Who Saved Lives This Past Week

“Dogs aren’t our whole lives, but they make our lives whole.”

Not only that; they save our lives…


1… Like this dog, who alerted neighbors that his owner had taken a fall.

When his owner, a disabled veteran, suffered a fall that knocked him unconscious, his dog sprang into action. The brave dog, Chance, ran to alert the neighbors – while covered in his human’s blood. The humans Chance alerted were able to get his owner to the emergency room in time to save his life.

2… And this London dog, who alerted his family to a fire.

picture credit - London Fire

picture credit – London Fire

The smoke alarm didn’t do its job that night, but this pet (Moo) sure did. Nicknamed “Smokey” by firefighters, this brave little pooch woke his owners with enough time to call the fire department before the building was completely engulfed in flames.

Thanks to Moo and the fast-acting firefighters, everyone – including the people in the apartments above – got out okay.

3… And finally, the Staffordshire Terrier who saved his owner from a freezing river.

Philip Skirving was walking his dog, Corbin, on the path along the river when he tripped and fell in. The frigid water paralyzed his owner, but Corbin wasted no time and jumped in after him, dragging him by the shirt over to the bank.

“If he wasn’t there to help me, I would have drowned.”


And this was only one week, guys; there are so many heroic dogs in the world. Personally, I think every dog is a hero. Maybe all of our dogs don’t pull us out of freezing rivers, but their loyalty and love save our lives every day.  A dog’s love is pure and unwavering. What other species would put our welfare about their own?

“A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than he loves himself.”


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2 responses to “Three Dogs Who Saved Lives This Past Week

  1. I am impressed with all of these, especially with the fact that after Moo saved her people from a fire, she was so chill that she went and found some cake in a hedge. What is this magical place called London where people leave cake in hedges for dogs to find? When can I go there?


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