Name the Breed Quiz

Don’t you guys just love a good Internet quiz? If you do, you should totally take this name the dog breed quiz. I hadn’t even heard of a few of these breeds!

I got 27/30, and I got a picture of a puppy in glasses. My friend took it, and she got a 4/30. She tells me that she received a picture of a cat laughing at her.

quiz scoreIf you take it, tell me what you got in the comments!


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8 responses to “Name the Breed Quiz

  1. kellymstephens

    Well, I didn’t do terribly. I got 19/30! Some of those breeds I’ve never even heard of! My picture was of a small dog (for shame, I do not know the breed), with glasses and a pencil in its mouth. It says: “Not bad! You know your pets!” At least I shall not have to be completely ashamed in front of my lab puppy! haha


  2. I got a 28/30, which earned me a picture of a French Bulldog wearing glasses. I have met a surprising number of these breeds at the dog run.


  3. Thanks for sharing the quiz. I got 29/30!!!! But that’s only because it was multiple choice. If I had to come up with the names out of thin air it would have been much harder. I guess all my years of watching the Westminster Dog Show and Crufts has paid off, lol.



    I missed 2, but I will admit I guessed on a couple of them. I guess I should spend more time at dog shows watching all the breeds instead of just my favorites.


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