I can’t stand people who don’t treat their dogs right. I mean, who can, really? Unless you’re one of them.

“Them” includes people who leave their dogs tied up outside all day like a lawn ornament. And people who scream at their dog for every apparent wrong doing.

And especially people who drag their poor dog around on its leash.

The latter is a disturbingly common occurrence. I see it all the time; people who don’t have the patience or kindness to get their dog to move any other way besides yanking them by the collar around their neck.

Don’t get me wrong – I know there are times when you really don’t have any choice but to give the leash a little pull. Sometimes you just need to get your dog to move along from that blade of grass they’ve been sniffing for the last three minutes. Or, you know, keep them from chasing a squirrel into oncoming traffic.

But to drag your dog by the neck because you’re too lazy to train them is just wrong. And you usually find that the person is giving their dog about 3% of their total attention – because they’re too busy (talking or texting or taking an artistic picture of a fallen leaf on the ground) to pay attention to the living creature at the end of that rope.

The other day, I was walking Michga and we saw another woman with her dog coming at us from the opposite direction. I should make it clear that this was a small dog, barely bigger than Michga and posing absolutely no threat to her. It was a fluffy little thing; looked like a Maltese with a puppy cut.

When this other little dog saw Michga, it tried to bound forward as fast as it could, tail wagging. You could practically see the inner dialogue of “friend, friend, friend, friend” running through its mind.

This other woman, who was talking on her cell phone, suddenly yanked the leash back and stopped the dog so violently that it nearly fell backwards. I stopped walking, preparing to go back the other way lest I get this poor dog any more excited. But it kept trying to get forward. The lady continued to yank on the leash, the next time actually succeeding in tumbling her dog backwards.

I just wanted to scream at this woman.

What the hell, lady? Are you consciously abusing your dog?

Did you try to verbally call you dog back? No. Did you simply hold the leash still so your dog couldn’t advance further? No. Did you try picking your dog up? Walking the other way? Even just telling your dog ‘stop’? Nope. You just stood in the same spot, talking on you cell phone and ripping you dog back, either not caring or not considering that that’s a living thing you’re tearing around by the neck.

I’m not saying she shouldn’t have stopped her dog from running forward, but there are less harmful ways. If she must stop the leash, okay, but to yank it back so violently that her dog topples over – twice – is just cruel.

I just – I do not understand how someone could think this is an acceptable way to walk their dog. They act like it’s a doll or a puppet or a pet rock. I guess they either don’t think it can feel pain or they just plain don’t care.

michga is exasperated with this lady

michga is exasperated with this lady


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6 responses to “STOP DRAGGING YOUR DOG

  1. legries

    Thanks for this post. I understand your frustration. I feel especially sorry for those dogs who are being choked by a tight leash, who seem to be gasping for air, as if they are about to plop over and pass out because their owners are pulling back on their leash so hard that their dog’s airway is being cut off…..


  2. kellymstephens

    Oh man, I can’t begin to express how much I agree with this post. I absolutely HATE it when I see people tugging their dog behind them like they’re a sack of potatoes. Owning a lab puppy myself, I understand how difficult walking a dog can be, especially when they want to smell one tree for ten minutes, but you should never rely on tugging on the leash. There are soo many other training methods – it’s infuriating when people don’t even try other ways!


  3. artlover

    I totally agree, it’s depressing when you see this happen and you can’t do anything about it. It’s unbelievable how little people care to notice that they are hurting their dogs, as if they were just toys.


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