A Walk A Day

Michga is a finicky little dog when it comes to her exercise. She’ll play fetch until your arm is exhausted, but sometimes she refuses to take more than three steps outside for a walk.

This is how it goes.

“Michga, do you want to go outside?”

She jumps up, dropping whatever she was doing (probably napping, knowing her), and wags her tail like she’s preparing for takeoff. She runs right over to the door and looks up at me, wondering what could be taking me so long.

let's goooooooo

let’s goooooooo

Then, we get outside and she usually goes about her business pretty quickly. Sometimes she has to sniff every single individual piece of grass before deciding which is most worthy of her scent, but she’ll go eventually.

But when I try to walk her further than literally right outside the apartment, she stops and refuses to move.

She’ll stand there and refuse to budge, and I don’t like to pull on her leash to make her move. So, I do one of three things: I relent, allowing her to lead me back inside; I lie and tell her I see a squirrel to get her excited, which works about 60% of the time; or I physically pick her up and carry her over to the sidewalk so we can go for a real walk.

Once we make it to the sidewalk, she seems to accept her fate and she’ll move along.

*sniffs* fascinating

except when she feels the need to sniff the same spot for 5 minutes

This lasts usually for a little while, until she gets bored and refuses to move forward again. She only moves if we walk back in the direction of my apartment.

And yet she’s always so excited to go outside. I can’t decide if she forgets that she doesn’t like to walk, or she forgets that she’s lazy.


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3 responses to “A Walk A Day

  1. beccabear1193

    I love love LOVE the first picture! It’s perfect! =D


  2. http://thepoodleanddogblog.typepad.com/

    Michga has strong communication skills,,,and so do you!! I love that you know what she is telling you.


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